How We Help Protect You

Disclosure Protection Plan is designed to protect you from the costs of unknown and therefore undisclosed defects or issues after the sale of your primary residence. Disclosure Protection Plan includes:

  • $25,000 in Coverage

    • Covers defense costs and damages for one year after closing. Additional options in some counties.

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  • Expert Legal Consultations

    • Talk with our real estate attorneys for pre-closing guidance as well as post-closing legal advice.

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  • Permit History Report

    • Show the buyer the presence or absence of permits – because 20% of post-close problems are related to permit issues.

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You Can’t Get This Coverage Anywhere Else

Disclosure Protection Plan is unique coverage you can’t get elsewhere.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy typically doesn’t include coverage for a real estate sale.

Home warranties may cover repair or replacement of appliances and systems, but they don’t cover legal defense costs or pay damages when a buyer makes a claim against you.