Disclosure Protection Plan Coverage Details

Determine if You’re Eligible For Coverage

You can buy your CRES Disclosure Protection Plan policy within 72 hours of the offer to purchase presented on Glide.com, and as long as disclosures have not yet been submitted to the buyer.

Your home sale is eligible for Disclosure Protection Plan when both criteria are met:

  1. You’re selling your owner occupied single-family residential property that is your primary residence. This includes a single-family dwelling, condominium, townhome or planned urban development (PUD) owned and occupied by the seller(s) and has not been temporarily vacant for more than 60 days prior to the initial signed listing agreement on the property. The property must be owned and occupied by the seller(s) for a minimum of six months prior to the initial signed listing agreement on the property.
  2. Your home is listed by a licensed real estate agent or broker.
  3. You have not yet sent disclosures to the buyer.
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What You Receive in the Disclosure Protection Plan

Post-sale Coverage

$25,000 total coverage for defense costs and damages (with a $2,500 retention), for 12 months if the buyer makes a claim for unknown and therefore undisclosed defects.  

  • You can increase your coverage to $50,000 in select counties 
  • Unlike the Glide and CRES programs, some seller’s insurance policies only cover the seller’s defense costs — leaving the seller to cover the buyer’s damages out of their own pocket 
Attorney consultation

You receive consultation time with an experienced real estate defense attorney to address transaction related questions and concerns. 

  • You can talk to the attorney pre-closing for two transaction-related matters (advice in preparing disclosures, or other pre-sale and closing issues). 
  • And you can talk with the attorney post-closing about an additional, unrelated matter. (This is IN ADDITION TO the legal defense costs covered by your policy if a claim is brought against you) 
Permit History Report

About 20% of post-closing problems come from permit issues — either permits don’t exist, are incomplete, or are misrepresented. A Permit History Report accesses 90 million records from direct, onsite inspection sources. Permits for additions and remodels that often don’t show up in tax assessor data are included. Each report includes: 

  • Incomplete permits
  • Completed permits
  • Contractor names (if any)
  • Description of the work done

How to Get Protected

You can purchase online. 

Just return to Glide.com to complete your purchase. A separate window should still be open.